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Physiological Measurements is a company specialising in providing innovative solutions to the NHS and other health organisations to reduce waiting times and enable patients to have increased access to diagnostic investigations. The sole purpose is that you, as a patient, receive the best quality healthcare in a timely and appropriate manner.

As part of this service we would like to ask you to help us by completing this short questionnaire to monitor our standards. This will also allow you to comment on your visit. Any suggestions that you may have relating to the service you have experienced are welcome.

All feedback is submitted anonymously and is used for quality and monitoring purposes. If you would like to discuss any particular comments with us directly, please contact us using details given on the Contact Us page.

Name of Service/Clinic

Please select one answer for each question:

Do you consider this joint working between the NHS and an independent provider useful in terms of getting your appointment more quickly?Very UsefulQuite UsefulSlightly UsefulNot Useful
Was the opportunity of being offered an appointment by telephone useful?Very UsefulQuite UsefulSlightly UsefulNot Useful
Was the option to attend a GP practice for your appointment convenient?VeryQuiteSlightlyNot at all
Did you find the information you received in your appointment letter, including directions, useful?VeryQuiteSlightlyNot at all
How did the service meet your expectations?Much BetterBetterSlightlyNot at all
Would you be likely to use this type of service again?Very LikelySlightly LikelySlightly UnlikelyVery Unlikely
Would you be likely to recommend this service to your family or friends?Very LikelySlightly LikelySlightly UnlikelyVery Unlikely
Were staff members professional and respectful in dealing with you?VerySlightlyNot VeryNot at all
If you have ever attended a hospital for an outpatient appointment, how did the service you experienced today compare?ExcellentBetterSameWorse
How would you rate the service overall?ExcellentAbove AverageAveragePoor

Were you offered a gown/echovest for your examination? Yes No

Would you like to receive a text message reminder of you appointment: Yes No

In the future, what would be your preferred method of being contacted for an appointment?

Letter Home Phone Mobile Phone Text Email

Any other comments:
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