Preparing for your Appointment

Preparing for your Appointment


General Patient Information - Cardiology


To ensure your results are processed swiftly, please return the monitors to the clinic as per below timelines:

Any appointments before 1pm to be returned by 9am the following day     

Any appointments after 2pm to be returned by 12noon the following day  

Any time on a Friday to be returned by 9am Monday morning   

Unless stated otherwise during your appointment    


Some of our Ultrasound appointments require preparation beforehand; you will be informed of any specific details via telephone. Please ensure you read the appropriate sections below as directed by our Patient Management Centre Staff:

General Patient information - Ultrasound (Including Abdomen, Female Pelvis / Urinary Tract; Transvaginal Ultrasound)

CHILDREN Pelvic/Bladder scan preparation information

CHILDREN Abdominal scan preparation information

ADULT PELVIS, TVS  full bladder preparation information (Pelvis ultrasound; Transvaginal Ultrasound)

ADULT PATIENTS starve preparation instructions (Abdomen ultrasound)

ADULT PATIENTS full bladder (Pelvis Ultrasound, Urinary Bladder and Urinary Tract) 

 An interpreter can be arranged to support any non-English speaking patients during your appointment.  Should you require an interpreter, please advise our Patient Management Centre 01691 676496 or email


 What Shall I Wear for My Ultrasound?

For some ultrasounds, such as abdominal, your clothing may be able to be adjusted to expose the stomach area.  This may involve moving the trousers or skirt down and lifting your top to ensure the sonographer can get to all areas required. 

Any intimate scans will require you to undress from the waist down.  A modesty cover will be provided during the scan.  

Shoulder or upper body scans will require you to expose the area in question.  It is recommended for shoulder scans, vest tops are worn for women.

No medical gowns are provided during our appointments. Please consider the area being scanned and dress appropriately. 

As we are a community based service, we do not have access to hoists, to support a patient trasnferring to the bed in clinic.   You should be able to transfer independantly to the bed.  If you have any concerns about this, please raise prior to your appointment.  

Any questions please contact our Patient Management Centre on 01691 676496

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