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What is iPMC2?

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iPMC2 is a platform that effectively manages the end to end patient pathway. It uniquely combines the hallmarks of a traditional Patient Administration System (booking appointments, storing results etc) with the features of a RIS/PACS system.

The system is i-daptable™ which has additional capability of clinical triage, clinical operations management, asset management and tracking, staff performance and customer quality and performance reporting.

Using a worklist approach, iPMC2 ensures that patient pathways are managed against pre-set time scales. A user can then confi gure these against each customer’s or contract’s requirements. For example, Urgent or Cancer Pathways will have different thresholds for contacting and seeing patients than routine pathways. The system will automatically fl ag where patients are approaching the end of time thresholds and prioritise patients on worklists dependent on their selected pathways (RTT).
iPMC2 also offers advantages to patients, as at the point of booking, it will identify the nearest available clinics/locations to the patient based on their postcode. This allows booking staff to give appropriate choice swiftly to patients. Real time reporting capability within iPMC2 ensures that we are able to quickly identify where additional capacity is required or where resources can be re-deployed. This is an essential tool when optimising efficiency.

What did this mean for Physiological Measurements Ltd?

Benchmarking performed in 2016 (3 months after software rolled out) demonstrated that iPMC2 improved key workflows by 85% within the Patient Management Centre. This enabled PML to successfully manage a period of rapid growth within the organisation and NHS referrals increased by 100% between January 2016 and January 2018.

    Don’t take our word for it – this is what PML staff had to say about iPMC2:

“I can now create activity and KPI reports for any contract between any time frame and it is available instantly – this data used to be collated manually and would only be available retrospectively. This freed up my time to concentrate more on trend analysis and forecasting within our services, ensuring maximised use of our resources and better patient experience” - Data Analyst

“iPMC2 is modern, efficient and easy to navigate. It’s reliable and consistent, which enables us to be more organised and productive, giving our patients a high quality service.” - Patient Management Centre Team Leader

“The iPMC2 is a unique system, tailor made to store and structure the large amount of data the company receives, enabling all with granted access the ability to easily fi nd the required data to provide a high quality service. The iPMC2 is a user friendly system that secures a large quantity of personal data adhering to data protection requirements at all times.” - Patient Management Centre Administrator

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