Community Cardiology

We are proud to be an HSJ award winning provider of community cardiology services.

Complete patient pathway for community cardiology

Working closely with local GP's and commissioners we have developed a complete patient pathway for community cardiology not just diagnostics.

Supported by cardiologists, cardiac physiologists, heart failure nurses and cardiac rehabilitation staff, the service has grown significantly over the last few years and has been recognised at three national awards. The service has continued to innovate and we now provide a rapid access chest pain service in the community, by utilising the latest 640 slice CT scanners.

We work with local cardiologists to ensure that vigorous clinical governance is adhered to with agreed clinical escalation of findings so there is no compromise in the provision of urgent care.


PML offer the following diagnostic tests and can provide high end equipment and appropriately qualified staff to perform clinics: 

Echocardiogram BNP Testing
Electrocardiogram (ECG) Spirometry
Ambulatory ECG (24hr, 48hr, 72hr and 7 day) Exercise Test
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing



As distributors for manufacturers such as Norav Medical, and Seimens, PML can offer a range of devices including:

12 Lead ECG Ambulatory BP
Stress ECG Handheld Ultrasound
Event Monitoring Spirometer
Ambulatory ECG Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing Equipment

iPMC & Patient Management

iPMC is an innovative software package for the complete patient management of a community based service.  Physiological Measurements Ltd have extensive and award winning experience in delivering community diagnostics, in particular community cardiology services.

The iPMC functions as both a patient administration system and digital image file. Each patient has an electronic file which stores information regarding appointments, diagnostics, results, images and comments from clinicians.

Such functionality enables authorised clinicians to access community cardiology patient information from anywhere within the N3 Network. This links clinicians involved in patient care in both primary and secondary centres. It offers a platform for quick retrieval and access to diagnostics and results performed in the community, thus negating the need for the unnecessary repetition of diagnostics.

Additional iPMC functionality includes Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reports for real time, accurate management of the service pathway enabling immediate response to capacity and requirements.

PML have a dedicated Patient Management Centre and can provide all the administration associated with an integrated community service.

PML can work with you to:

  • Reduce hospital activity
  • Develop integrated pathway of care and improve communication
  • Have care closer to the local community, even from your practice
  • Allow hospital services to focus on urgent activity rather than routine
  • Meet NICE Guidelines for heart failure



Physiological Measurements Limited provides HSJ award winning services in the community.

One of these diagnostic investigations is echocardiography.

  • Patient focussed service – Patients contacted within 2 working days of referral and offered a choice of day and time for appointment  
  • Efficient service you can trust – Full report issued within 2-5 working days of scan, with urgent reports sent the same day

This service is provided with hospital quality portable echocardiography machines that we bring into GP surgeries.

All our reports are coded red, amber and green, supported by a GP information booklet that supports the GP in their decision making in the management of the cardiology patient. We additionally support this by working with local cardiologists who are able to discuss cases with GPs. 

Our echocardiography service allows GPs and commissioners to meet the NICE Heart Failure Quality Standards that are applicable to the community provision of the HF pathway.

PML provides one system that is accessible in both community and hospital setting

One of the main concerns of the provision of community echocardiography services is that there is a need for the investigation to be repeated in a hospital setting, our electronic patient record is unique and completely programmable for local needs.

It is one system that has all the patient information accessible in both the community and hospital setting, allowing clinicians to view the patient pathway. This includes initial referral, diagnostics performed with results and uniquely the whole echocardiography study including the moving images from the echocardiogram.

This specific characteristic allows cardiologists in the hospital setting to review the study. This prevents the time consuming and additional costs involved with repeating a echocardiogram.  

All of our staff are accredited by the British Society of Echocardiography, and are audited in accordance to best practice guidelines from the Royal College of Radiologists. This robust adherence to best practice allows for complete reassurance of best practice for your patients and your colleagues.

 Please contact us to discuss how we can provide an award winning service for you or your clinical commissioning group

NOTE: When wearing an AECG monitor for 24 hours patients will be unable to shower during this time.  This is so we can get the optimum recording quality possible. 

After approximatley 48 hours the electrodes start to deteriorate. For longer recordings patients will be provided with additional electrodes enabling patients to shower and then change their electrodes at the same time. 

This will be explained during the appointment.

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