Sports Cardiology

Approved providers of mobile cardiology screening

We have been awarded provider status by the Sport and Exercise Medicine Department of the FA to undertake cardiology screening or cardiac profiling on their behalf. We have multiple mobile screening units that we are able to deploy nationwide.

We also provide service to county cricket sides, professional cycling, rugby union and rugby league.

We also have a number of fixed sites that players are able to attend in the event that short notice screening is required for compliance issues.


For further information or to secure your booking please contact;
Christine Peacock on 07809 336207 or by email

Why is screening necessary?

As part of the health, safety and wellbeing of players, the FA was innovative and a leader in introducing sports cardiology screening 17 years ago. The programme promotes health, care and encourages maximum wellbeing of players. 

As part of the FA Medical Education Centre Screening Programme, all scholars are offered the chance to undergo Cardiac Screening. This medical screening programme is funded jointly by the FA and PFA and there is no financial cost to clubs who wish to use this service. We currently look after the majority of all eligible clubs with academies or centres of excellence. 

We also look after a large number of senior professional sides. The requirements for senior players have changed. Every player playing in the Premier League or any UEFA competition must have at least one ECG and Echo in their medical folder (FAPL Rule H.11) . It is mandatory for players on international duty to have an annual cardiac assessment.

This involves an Electrocardiogram (ECG) and an Echocardiogram (Echo) and for these tests to be reported on by a Specialist Consultant Cardiologist. We have access to a specialist group of sports cardiologists and all are on the FA panel. 

Why choose PML?

We have been providing a mobile service screening sportsmen and women from a wide range of sports, including FA Scholars for the last 12 years. 

We offer a mobile service that in every way duplicates the service that you would receive in a hospital. We have portable digital ECG and Echo systems that can be set up in your medical room or other facility, saving you valuable time and other club resources. 

The mobile service brings you unparalleled flexibility and quality.

Benefits to you as a club include;

  • There is no additional cost for using the mobile screening service for first year scholars. From a club perspective, it will save you time and money.
  • We charge the same rate for senior players as we do for junior players and we do not load costs. We do have a minimum number of players we will come to you for which is 4 ECG and Echo, or 10 resting ECGs.
  • One point of contact for clubs and the FA.
  • Raising awareness amongst staff, players and parents of the issue of sudden cardiac death in sport.
  • Opportunities to learn about imaging techniques and discuss investigations.
  • Organisation wide reassurance.
  • Emphasises the importance of disease surveillance, health screening and cardiac profiling.
  • Promotes health care in a wider sense amongst all staff and encourages better self care.
  • Reduced likelihood of litigation and organisation shown to be pro-active in care of athletes and corporate governance.
  • Ensures your club is proactive in mitigating risk in the issue of sudden cardiac death.
  • Reduced chance of negative media exposure keep your organisation in the news for the right reasons.

Quality Assurance

  • PML ensures that all ECGs and echocardiograms are conducted by appropriately experienced physiologists and reported on by consultant cardiologists trained in sports cardiology.
  • All data is available for external audit and is stored securely.
  • We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 accredited
  • Same day technical reports are available and consultant reports are available within 5 working days.

If you would like to learn more about the issues of sudden cardiac death in sport and how we may be able to help you and your club at all levels, please feel free to contact us directly. 

Please contact: Christine Peacock on 07809 336207 or by email

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