Frequently Asked Questions 

Please Note:  Please can you arrive 5 minutes early to your appointment to prevent any delays 

PLEASE NOTE:  Some surgeries are requesting patients wait outside for their appointment rather than in the waiting room.  PML Patients will be collected by our clinician and taken to your appoitment.  Please note: we try to ensure our clinics are run to time, however there may be instances when you could be waiting longer than 5 minutes outside for your appointment.  

Patients Returning From Denmark: 

Individuals should not be seeking routine outpatient, ambulatory or primary care, elective treatment while in their 14 days of isolation after return from Denmark.  Please contact the Patient Management Centre to re-arrange your appointment following 14 days isolation. 

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact our Patient Management Centre on 01691 676496



What are the symptoms to be aware of for COVID-19

1. Do you have a new persistent cough?

2. Do you have shortness of breath?

3. Do you have a temperature?

4. Do you have a loss of or change in smell?

5. Do you have a loss or change in taste?

6. Do you have a new skin rash?

7. Do you live in a household with anyone who has any of the above or are you self-isolating?

8. Are you, or anyone you have been in contact within the last 10 days, currently awaiting results from a COVID-19 test?


For COVID-19 these will all be new symptoms 

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, please cancel your appointment and follow government guidelines or call NHS Test and Trace


Please also consider:

  1. Do you suspect you have previously had COVID-19 more than 3 weeks ago, and are you still experiencing residual symptoms?  If so, please ensure you are tested.  If your test is negative we can proceed with your appointment. 

After Your Appointment

If you become COVID-19 symptomatic up to 3 weeks after your appointment with us, please contact us immediately -01691 676496 Opt 1 or email [email protected] 

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

Depending on the type of appointment you are having, some do require you to follow some instructions prior to your appointment. Please See Preparing for your Appointment page

Further information can be found on Important Information page

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment 

To reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, patients are asked to arrive at the clinic on thier own.  If a chaperone is needed for your appointment, there will be a HCA in the room who will carry out this role.  Unless you require assistance, you should attend your appointment on your own please.   Anyone acompanying you will not be able to wait in the reception area during your appointment and will not be allowed in the clinic room during your appointment


Why have you cancelled my appointment  

We have been told to suspend some of our services at the moment due to the Covid 19 crisis 

When will I be seen?

Once we have been notified we are allowed to commence appointments, we will contact you directly to book your test 

I was told my appointment was urgent, why can’t I be seen?

If we can see you as an urgent patient, we will contact you directly to make an appointment 

The appointment I have been given is quite far from where I live, why is this?

As you have been referred for an urgent appointment we will book your test, but we only have limited sites where we can see patients and this may mean that unfortunately,  some people will have to travel further than usual  

How do I get in touch to discuss my appointment with someone?

You can call the office number 01691 676496 Option 1 or email us if you have access to the internet at [email protected] and we will respond to you 

I am worried that the delay will impact my results

Unfortunately we cannot help with this question and you will need to speak with your GP 

Why have you been discharged?

In the areas where service provision is increasing we are now able to begin contacting patients who have been waiting for appointments.  We may discharge you back to your GP for the following reasons:

- If we are unable to reach you via phone, text message or letter

- If you are unable to attend any of the appointments we offer you

 - If you do not attend an appointment or, if you cancel with less than 24hour notice 

I am not sure if I still need/want my appointment?

Please let us know at your earliest opportunity if you no longer require your appointment. 

Why am I receiving a text message?

In the areas where service provision is increasing, we are now able to begin contacting patients who have been waiting for appointments.  We want to book you into an appointment that suits you so please contact us to arrange. 

I have received 2 text messages for my appointment – why?

You will have been booked in for 2 separate scans which will take place during the same appointment.  Please come to the earlier appointment time texted to you. 

Many thanks for your co-operation and patience during these extroadinary times. 

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